Dragonflies: Telephlebia brevicauda

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Source: ALA

♂ Aberfeldy, VIC

♀ Badger Creek, VIC
Common Namesouthern evening darner
Genus/SpeciesTelephlebia brevicauda Tillyard, 1916
Abundance &
Common from Wollongong to the Otways occurring as far west as the Grampians.
HabitatFound mainly around forested creeks at most altitudes.
DescriptionThese are large, slender, brown dragonflies with some dark areas of the wings.
Diagnostics &
Similar Species
Other Telephlebia species are quite similar but are geographically separated. The only nearby species is Telephlebia godeffroyi and their ranges overlap in southern New South Wales (with T. godeffroyi possibly extending into Victoria).
Behaviour &
These perch hanging under vegetation for most of the day. I have observed males searching under vegetation (apparently looking for females) in the afternoon but otherwise they will only be on the wing on warm evenings to feed in the hour or so before dark.

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