Dragonflies: Parasynthemis regina

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Source: ALA

♀ Boondooma, QLD

♂ Bend Of Islands, VIC

♂ Peechalba, VIC
Common NameRoyal Tigertail
Genus/SpeciesParasynthemis regina (Selys, 1874)
Abundance &
Reasonably common in Queensland and New South Wales but less common by its southernn range of inland Victoria.
HabitatFound at dams and riverine pools that can dry out in summer.
DescriptionThis is a fairly large but slender dragonfly consisting of mostly black coloration with significant yellow markings.
Behaviour &
Males patrol around the edge of water usually around 0.5–1m from the surface, almost constantly on the wing during the day (when its warm enough). Females deposit eggs into water in flight. They perch from near horizontally to hanging vertically from vegetation.
Similar SpeciesOther tigertails are superficially similar.
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