Dragonflies: Notoaeschna sagittata

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Source: ALA

♂ Aberfeldy River, VIC

♀ Wonnangatta River, VIC

♀ depositing eggs on rock
Common Namesouthern riffle darner
FamilyTelephlebiidae (Darners)
Genus/SpeciesNotoaeschna sagittata (Martin, 1901)
Abundance &
Occurs only south of the Hunter River, reasonably common from Sydney to Melbourne.
HabitatFound at rocky rivers where boulders emerge at rapids.
Description &
These are large, brown dragonflies with distinctive forward-pointing pale yellow triangles on most abdominal segments.
Similar SpeciesAlthough there is a northern riffle darner, Notoaeschna geminata, it is found only north of the Hunter River and its abdominal markings are less bold. No other darners have the large triangles.
Behaviour &
This species breeds around rapids and its larvae live under boulders in this habitat. I was amazed the first time I saw a female of this species on a rock, depositing eggs on its side, while the water rushed over her. View a video of a Notoaeschna sagittata depositing her eggs.

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