Dragonflies: Eusynthemis virgula

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Source: ALA

Warrandyte, VIC

♀ Kanangra-Boyd NP, NSW

♂ Kanangra-Boyd NP, NSW
Common NameGolden Tigertail
Genus/SpeciesEusynthemis virgula (Selys, 1874)
Abundance &
Found along Australia's south-eastern mountain regions where it is not common from Melbourne to Brisbane.
HabitatMostly found at rocky streams and rivers in drier, open forest, particularly among hills.
DescriptionThese are medium-sized dragonflies that appear mostly black with significant hellow markings on the thorax and abdomen. The pale shoulder stripe (antehumeral stripe) is constricted and does not extend the length of the thorax.
Similar SpeciesIt is superficially similar to numerous other Eusynthemis speces but throughout its range the patterns on the thorax are diagnostic. Eusynthemis netta has a similar antehumeral stripe but has only been recorded from Mt Lewis in northern Queensland and is quite rare.
Behaviour &
This species mostly perches and does so hanging from vegetation.
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