Dragonflies: Diplacodes

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D. haematodes, QLD
Common Nameperchers
GenusDiplacodes Kirby, 1889
DescriptionThis genus is locally common to very common but, interestingly, no species have been recorded in Tasmania. All species perch most of the time and do so on the ground or on vegetation on the water surface, with the exception of Diplacodes melanopsis which tends to perch low in vegetation. Although there aren't many species in this genus, some can be difficuly to identify because females, in particular, appear quite similar. This genus deposits eggs in flight, with the males usually still connected (therefore guarding against another's mating attempt).
SpeciesThe type species is Diplacodes lefebvrii [as Libellula tetra (Rambur, 1842)], a southern African endemic, and there are 6 species in total that don't occur in Australia.
Australian SpeciesDiplacodes bipunctata (ACT NSW NT QLD SA VIC WA)
Diplacodes haematodes (ACT NSW NT QLD SA VIC WA)
Diplacodes melanopsis (ACT NSW QLD SA VIC)
Diplacodes nebulosa (NT QLD)
Diplacodes trivialis (NT QLD WA)
Similar GeneraNannodiplax

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