Dragonflies: Diplacodes trivialis

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Source: ALA

♂ (mature) Lake Mitchell, QLD

♀ Lake Mitchell, QLD

♂ (teneral) Lake Mitchell, QLD
Common NameChalky Percher
Genus/SpeciesDiplacodes trivialis (Rambur, 1842)
Abundance &
Common along coastal regions from Brisbane to Darwin. Their range extends throughout tropical and sub-tropical south-east Asia to as far as India.
HabitatInhabits ponds and swamps.
Description &
Mature males are distinctively pruinose (bluish, powdery substance) on the thorax and most of the abdomen (except about the last third) with matching green-blue eyes. When immature the males are colored similar to females, predominantly yellow with black markings and mostly black and the end of the tail (except the anal appendages, which are yellow).
Behaviour &
Like others of this genus, the perchers like to do just that. Males will rest on vegetation close to the water surface around breeding sights waiting for passing females.
Similar SpeciesBody pattern is somewhat similar to Diplacodes nebulosa, which however has dark wing tips. Although significantly smaller they may be confused with Orthetrum sp. from a photo, which have a similar yellow body and black markings.
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