Dragonflies: Austrothemis nigrescens

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Source: ALA

male, Discovery Bay, VIC

female, Discovery Bay, VIC

teneral male, Discovery Bay, VIC
Common NameSwamp Flat-tail
Genus/SpeciesAustrothemis nigrescens (Martin, 1901)
Abundance &
Moderately common between Brisbane and Newcastle and around southern Western Australia, rare in South Australia, Tasmania and Victoria. In Victoria their only known regular breeding site is in Discovery Bay Coastal Park.
HabitatFound at lakes, swamps and permanent ponds, particularly with significant aquatic vegetation.
DescriptionMedium-sized dragonfly with distinctively broad abdomen, narrowing at the base for males. There are forward pointing black markings on the rear segments of the tail of the male. For females these black markings extent the entire length of the segments forming an almot continuous, jagged band on top of the tail.
Similar SpeciesAlthough significantly smaller, the head and thorax of female Nannophya look somewhat similar to this species.
Behaviour &
These dragonflies usually perch on the side of vertical vegetation, hanging at an angle of about 45°. They do not spend extensive periods in flight.

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