Damselflies: Austrolestes leda

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♂ Grampians, VIC

♀ Grampians, VIC

♂ unusual "spreadwing" posture
Common Namewandering ringtail
FamilyLestidae (ringtails)
Genus/SpeciesAustrolestes leda (Selys, 1862)
Abundance &
Common in Victoria and eastern NSW but occurs as far north as Cairns and also in through much of inland Australia.
HabitatCan be found at most still water and some slow sections of streams.
Description &
Mature males are mostly black but with significant blue markings. Immature males and females are less blue but the pale should (antehumeral) stripe is diagnostic, with its additional small mark below its end.
Similar SpeciesAustrolestes io is very similar and can only be separated from photographs by seeing details of the neck and abdominal segment 2. Other species in this genus may appear superficially similar but their patterns around the antehumeral stripe are different.
Behaviour &
Like others in the Austrolestes genus, this species usually perches with its wings closed above its body. However in December 2013 I observed a male holding his wings in the "spread-wing" fashion. This is known for some overseas lestids but is probably the first recording of this behaviour for and Austrolestes. I followed this damselfly around the swamp a little and his flight or other behaviour did not seem adversely affected (i.e. it was uninjured).
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