Dragonflies: Austroaeschna

Damselflies Austroagrion cyane Austroagrion watsoni Austroargiolestes calcaris Austrocnemis splendida Austrolestes annulosus Austrolestes aridus Austrolestes cingulatus Austrolestes io Austrolestes leda Austrolestes psyche Coenagrion lyelli Hemiphlebia mirabilis Ischnura aurora Ischnura heterosticta Pseudagrion microcephalum Xanthagrion erythroneurum Dragonflies Anax papuensis Archaeosynthemis orientalis Austroaeschna ingrid Austroaeschna multipunctata Austroaeschna unicornis Austrogomphus guerini Austropetalia tonyana Austrothemis nigrescens Crocothemis nigrifrons Dendroaeschna conspersa Diplacodes bipunctata Diplacodes haematodes Diplacodes melanopsis Diplacodes trivialis Eusynthemis virgula Hemicordulia australiae Hemicordulia tau Notoaeschna sagittata Orthetrum caledonicum Parasynthemis regina Petalura gigantea Procordulia jacksoniensis Synthemis eustalacta Telephlebia brevicauda
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A. parvistigma, VIC
Common Namedarners
GenusAustroaeschna Selys, 1883
DescriptionThese are medium–large, brown dragonflies with pale markings, variable by species. Species can be difficult to distinguish as diagnostic features may not be readily visible from a photo. With the exception of Austroaeschna intersedens from India, all species in this genus are limited to Australia. Austroaeschna parvistigma can breed in lakes and swmaps but other species prefer rocky rivers in forested areas, so are found mainly along the coastal fringe of southern and eastern Australia.
Australian SpeciesAustroaeschna (Austroaeschna) subgenus
Austroaeschna anacantha (WA)
Austroaeschna atrata (ACT NSW VIC)
Austroaeschna christine (QLD)
Austroaeschna cooloola (QLD)
Austroaeschna flavomaculata (ACT NSW VIC)
Austroaeschna hardyi (TAS)
Austroaeschna inermis (ACT NSW VIC)
Austroaeschna ingrid (VIC)
Austroaeschna multipunctata (ACT NSW VIC)
Austroaeschna obscura (NSW)
Austroaeschna parvistigma (ACT NSW SA TAS VIC) type
Austroaeschna pinheyi (QLD)
Austroaeschna sigma (NSW QLD)
Austroaeschna speciosa (QLD)
Austroaeschna subapicalis (ACT NSW VIC)
Austroaeschna tasmanica (TAS)
Austroaeschna unicornis (ACT NSW QLD TAS SA VIC)
Austroaeschna (Pulchaeschna) subgenus
Austroaeschna eungella (QLD)
Austroaeschna muelleri (QLD)
Austroaeschna pulchra (ACT NSW QLD VIC)
Similar GeneraDromaeschna

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