Illeis galbula

>/2015/03/02/ladybird_beetle_Illeis_galbula_Boronia150302-6665.jpg|Adult >/2015/02/20/beetle_ladybird_Illeis_galbula_Boronia150220-6092.jpg|Adult feeding >/2015/03/02/ladybird_larva_Illeis_galbula_Boronia150302-6661.jpg|Larva
Common Name=Fungus-eating Ladybird Family=Coccinellidae Genus/Species=Illeis galbula (Mulsant, 1850) Abundance &
Distribution=Common and found throughout Australia. Description=At around 4–5mm long these ladybird beetles are slightly smaller than some other common species and distincly marked with bright yellow and black, so can't be confused with another species. Behaviour &
Life Cycle=They feed on mould and I have observed adults and larva each summer in my mother's vegetable patch on the leaves of pumkin, cucumber and, most commonly, zucchini. Links=ALA Links=Brisbane Insects Links=Wikipedia