Harmonia conformis

Harmonia conformis Illeis galbula Micraspis flavovittata Micraspis frenata
distribution map
Source: ALA

Adult, Grampians National Park, VIC, Dec 2014

Boronia, VIC, Feb 2015

Larva, Piccaninnie Ponds, SA, Nov 2014

Cocoon, Boronia VIC, Apr 2015

Eggs, Boronia VIC, Apr 2015
Common NameCommon Spotted Ladybird
Genus/SpeciesHarmonia conformis (Boisduval, 1835)
Abundance &
Found throughout much of Australia, particularly south from Brisbane, including Tasmania.
DescriptionThese beetles are amongst the larger (at 6–7mm long) and more easily recognizable ladybirds species with their bright orange color and fairly symetrical, large black dots. Like most ladybirds they feed on other insects both as larvae and as adults.
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