Castiarina erythroptera

>/2016/12/11/jewel-beetle_Castiarina_erythroptera_Nyora161211-3765.jpg|Nyora, VIC >/2016/01/17/jewel-beetle_Castiarina_erythroptera_f_m_Aberfeldy160117-5262.jpg|Aberfeldy, VIC >/2015/12/13/jewel_beetle_Castiarina_erythroptera_m_f_Cardinia151213-0874.jpg|Emerald, VIC
Common Name= Family= Genus=Castiarina erythroptera (Boisduval, 1835) Abundance &
Distribution=Common on mainland eastern Australia. Habitat= Size=around 8–11mm Description &
Identification=This is a lycid-mimicking jewel beetle with black synthorax and an evenly brown elytra that is darkened for a significant section centrally and wider near the posterior. Similar Species=The black on {Castiarina costalis} and {Castiarina elongata} is not as significant (and these are also not common species). The black on {Castiarina nasuta} extends all the way to the end of the elytra. Links=Girraween National Park