Castiarina erythroptera

Castiarina bella Castiarina bifasciata Castiarina cruentata Castiarina erythroptera Stigmodera macularia
distribution map
Source: ALA

Nyora, VIC

Aberfeldy, VIC

Emerald, VIC
GenusCastiarina erythroptera (Boisduval, 1835)
Abundance &
Common on mainland eastern Australia.
Sizearound 8–11mm
Description &
This is a lycid-mimicking jewel beetle with black synthorax and an evenly brown elytra that is darkened for a significant section centrally and wider near the posterior.
Similar SpeciesThe black on Castiarina costalis and Castiarina elongata is not as significant (and these are also not common species). The black on Castiarina nasuta extends all the way to the end of the elytra.
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