Litoria nudidigita

Crinia signifera Litoria aurea Litoria ewingii Litoria nudidigita
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Source: ALA

Common Name"Leaf Green River Tree Frog" or "Southern leaf green tree frog"
FamilyHylidae (tree frogs)
Genus/SpeciesLitoria nudidigita (Lesson, 1829)
Abundance &
A moderately common species found south from Sydney through much of Gippsland.
HabitatFound along rocky rivers, particularly in warm temperate rainforests.
DescriptionThis is a fairly small (to 40mm long) and predominantly green (when mature) frog with a gold and black stripe along each side of its body. Apparently the normally green area can sometimes be brown, although I have mostly seen bright green ones.
Similar SpeciesIt is similar in appearance to Litoria phyllochroa, which is generally only found north of Sydney.
Behaviour &
These frogs are good climbers, jumpers and swimmers. Males are most actively calling during summer in vegetation along streamsides. I have encountered them on several occasions when spotlighting along the rainforest creeks of east Gippsland.

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