Litoria ewingii

Crinia signifera Litoria aurea Litoria ewingii Litoria nudidigita
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Source: ALA

Portland, VIC

Toorongo Falls, VIC

Seaton, VIC
Common NameBrown Tree Frog
FamilyHylidae (tree frogs)
Genus/SpeciesLitoria ewingi (Duméril & Bibron, 1841) — alternative spelling Litoria ewingii
Abundance &
Common from around Sydney through southern Victoria to Adelaide and also throughout Tasmania.
HabitatFound in a wide variety of habitats from remote swamps to suburban gardens.
DescriptionThese are medium-sized frogs, usually predominantly brownish in color although they can sometimes be greenish too. Like other tree-frogs they have noticeable toe-pads, which they use for climbing around rocks or indeed trees. See for more information, including distinguishing these from similar species such as Litoria verreauxi and Litoria lesueuri.
Behaviour &
Males can be heard calling throughout the year, usually after rain. They are accomplished travellers and can be found well away from water. I have seen them in bushes around swamps, where they sun themselves during the day, but often only hear them dropping into the water as I approach.
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