Litoria aurea

Crinia signifera Litoria aurea Litoria ewingii Litoria nudidigita
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Source: ALA

Common NameGreen and Golden Bell Frog
FamilyHylidae (tree frogs)
Genus/SpeciesLitoria aurea
Abundance &
This is a less common frog that occurs from the NSW central coast into east Gippsland in Victoria, where it is rare.
HabitatGenerally found in wet areas at lower elevations, breeding at permanent, still water.
DescriptionThese are relatively large frogs (apparently up to 10cm long) and often green with black and gold markings.
Behaviour &
These frogs are known to actively hunt other frogs by their call. So far I have only seen this one individual — it was in Croajingolong National Park at the edge of a lake during the day.

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