Crinia signifera

>/2014/10/07/frog_Crinia_signifera_m_LakeMundi141007-1573.jpg|Lake Mundi, VIC >/2014/10/07/frog_Crinia_signifera_m_LakeMundi141007-1576.jpg|Lake Mundi, VIC >/2012/03/29/frog_Crinia_signifera_Snowy120329-0516.jpg|Snowy River NP, VIC
Common Name=Common Eastern Froglet Family=Myobatrachidae Genus/Species=Crinia signifera Girard, 1853 Abundance &
Distribution=Very common from Brisbane to Adelaide and also in Tasmania. Habitat=Can be found in a wide variety of habitats from alpine bogs to pools in semi-arid country but usually close to water. Description=These are small frogs (adults arouund 2–2.5cm long) with a variable mottled, predominantly brown pattern. It is difficult to visually distinguish between the various Crinia species as they can only be separated by patterns on their belly and their call. Behaviour &
Observations=Crinia signifera can be heard calling all year, including during the day at some sites such as farm dams. Being a small, well camouflaged frog they are difficult to find and I have only been able to locate the calling males at sites such as dams with sandy shores and rock pools in rivers where hiding places are limited. Call=Crinia signifera with Litoria ewingi mp3 Call=Crinia signifera with Litoria verreauxi mp3