2 July 2017

There weren't as many fungi as previous seasons at this site (although I'd only been there once before). Meandering about I saw the Entoloma-like cap of a mushroom but as I was about to examine it someone called me away. Even though I ventured no more than 5 metres, when I turned around to retrace my steps I got lost and it took me a bit longer to find this individual again. It just highlights how easy it is to miss something not greatly contrasting with its surrounds. When I went to inspect the gills I noticed the entire stipe was an aberrant growth of extra gills, giving it a morel-like appearance.

However the most significant find would be the rare tea tree fingers Hypocreopsis amplectens. I have searched for this fungus before in known locations but never seen any and this is the first new locality in over a decade. At this site they seemed to favour Kunzea logs lying on the ground where the moisture is better retained.

In the Western Gully Loop we found some small, white corals that were simple or sparsely branched. These are possibly Ramariopsis kunzei and I have seen them this season in a variety of other places including Blackwood and Kurth Kiln and they seem to like earthen banks.

As fruiting fungi were not visibly abundant we started searching for invertebrates under logs. In doing so we also found Coltriciella dependens, a fungus not commonly recorded but not that rare once you start looking at the underside of long lying on the ground. We also found some invertebrates as well as some amazing, tiny, possible egg cases.

image/jpegcentipede Wanderslore170702-6818.jpg i02-Jul-2017 14:26  74.5 KB 880×640
image/jpegflatworm Caenoplana hoggii Wanderslore170702-6857.jpg i02-Jul-2017 14:57  59.3 KB 800×600
image/jpegflatworm Caenoplana hoggii Wanderslore170702-6863.jpg i02-Jul-2017 15:01  76.4 KB 800×600
image/jpegflatworm Caenoplana hoggii Wanderslore170702-6864.jpg i02-Jul-2017 15:02 170 KB 1120×768
image/jpegflatworm Fletchamia m'mahoni Wanderslore170702-6876.jpg i02-Jul-2017 15:14  67.4 KB 800×600
image/jpegflatworm Fletchamia m'mahoni Wanderslore170702-6877.jpg i02-Jul-2017 15:14 142 KB 1024×768
image/jpegflatworm Fletchamia m'mahoni Wanderslore170702-6879.jpg i02-Jul-2017 15:14 149 KB 960×720
image/jpegfungus Cheilymenia aff raripila Wanderslore170702-6715.jpg i02-Jul-2017 11:59 108 KB 800×600
image/jpegfungus Clavulinopsis amoena Wanderslore170702-6754.jpg i02-Jul-2017 12:38 133 KB 800×960
image/jpegfungus Clavulinopsis corallinorosacea Wanderslore170702-6712.jpg i02-Jul-2017 11:54 125 KB 960×720
image/jpegfungus Clavulinopsis depokensis Wanderslore170702-6695.jpg i02-Jul-2017 11:24 129 KB 800×720
image/jpegfungus Clavulinopsis depokensis Wanderslore170702-6696.jpg i02-Jul-2017 11:27 165 KB 800×720
image/jpegfungus Coltriciella dependens Wanderslore170702-6866.jpg i02-Jul-2017 15:08 128 KB 800×600
image/jpegfungus Cordyceps cranstounii Silvan170702-6658.jpg i02-Jul-2017 09:34 165 KB 1600×1200
image/jpegfungus Cordyceps cranstounii Wanderslore170702-6829.jpg i02-Jul-2017 14:32  77.2 KB 800×640
image/jpegfungus Cordyceps robertsii Wanderslore170702-6828.jpg i02-Jul-2017 14:32  82.7 KB 640×960
image/jpegfungus Cortinarius rotundisporus Wanderslore170702-6707.jpg i02-Jul-2017 11:45 528 KB 1968×1312
image/jpegfungus Cortinarius sinapicolor Wanderslore170702-6784.jpg i02-Jul-2017 13:47 137 KB 960×720
image/jpegfungus Cortinarius sp Silvan170702-6656.jpg i02-Jul-2017 09:34 162 KB 1200×880
image/jpegfungus Cortinarius sp Wanderslore170702-6704.jpg i02-Jul-2017 11:33 160 KB 960×720
image/jpegfungus Entoloma sp Wanderslore170702-6797.jpg i02-Jul-2017 14:13 106 KB 800×640
image/jpegfungus Entoloma sp Wanderslore170702-6799.jpg i02-Jul-2017 14:13 101 KB 800×880
image/jpegfungus Hjortstamia crassa Wanderslore170702-6891.jpg i02-Jul-2017 15:28 146 KB 1024×640
image/jpegfungus Hjortstamia crassa Wanderslore170702-6892.jpg i02-Jul-2017 15:28 145 KB 800×720
image/jpegfungus Hygrocybe sp Wanderslore170702-6752.jpg i02-Jul-2017 12:36 131 KB 960×720
image/jpegfungus Leotia lubrica Silvan170702-6645.jpg i02-Jul-2017 09:28  91 KB 880×800
image/jpegfungus Lichenomphalia chromacea Macclesfield170702-6906.jpg i02-Jul-2017 16:18  99.9 KB 1200×768
image/jpegfungus Macrotyphula juncea Silvan170702-6642.jpg i02-Jul-2017 09:23 136 KB 880×1024
image/jpegfungus Ramariopsis crocea Silvan170702-6647.jpg i02-Jul-2017 09:29 104 KB 800×720
image/jpegfungus Ramariopsis crocea Wanderslore170702-6776.jpg i02-Jul-2017 13:37 137 KB 880×640
image/jpegfungus Ramariopsis ?kunzei Wanderslore170702-6796.jpg i02-Jul-2017 14:11 132 KB 960×720
image/jpegfungus Ramariopsis ?kunzei Wanderslore170702-6803.jpg i02-Jul-2017 14:15 162 KB 960×640
image/jpegfungus Serpula himantioides Wanderslore170702-6741.jpg i02-Jul-2017 12:19 192 KB 960×720
image/jpegfungus Serpula himantioides Wanderslore170702-6743.jpg i02-Jul-2017 12:19 172 KB 960×720
image/jpegfungus Tricholomopsis rutilans Wanderslore170702-6845.jpg i02-Jul-2017 14:45 144 KB 880×640
image/jpegfungus Urnula campylospora Silvan170702-6625.jpg i02-Jul-2017 08:54 283 KB 1200×800
image/jpegfungus Urnula campylospora Silvan170702-6627.jpg i02-Jul-2017 08:55 200 KB 880×688
image/jpegfungus Wanderslore170702-6686.jpg i02-Jul-2017 11:08 175 KB 960×880
image/jpegscorpion Cercophonius squama Wanderslore170702-6882.jpg i02-Jul-2017 15:16 129 KB 800×600
image/jpegslug Wanderslore170702-6842.jpg i02-Jul-2017 14:43 145 KB 800×640
image/jpegthing Wanderslore170702-6837.jpg i02-Jul-2017 14:39  74.1 KB 800×600
image/jpegthing Wanderslore170702-6839.jpg i02-Jul-2017 14:40  84 KB 720×768

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