Savage River to Corinna

22 February 2017

On one of the warmest days on my Tassie trip I targetted parts of the north-west of the state because the endemic dragonfly Synthemiopsis gomphomacromioides had been recorded in that area. The forecast was for temperatures in the mid twenties — unheard of for Tasmania during this February. What I didn't know was how similar they are to Synthemis both in size and behaviour, as well as the habitat they share. Once I got my first positive ID I went back over some photos and realized I had actually seen one half an hour earlier.

Previously the only images available on the internet were of museum specimens so at least now this species has some in situ males. I did not see a living female, only some drowned and decayed ones in water. Although the temperature was warm enough for dragonfly activity it was very windy and dragonflies flying low to the water could easily fall or be knocked in by another. I din't know it at the time, but there were to be no more warm days and this day was the only time I encountered the Tasmanian Spotwing.

Thanks to Tony Daley for identifying a couple of the flies.

image/jpegdragonfly Austroaeschna tasmanica ♂ Heazlewood170222-1578.jpg i22-Feb-2017 12:07  77.9 KB 880×1040
image/jpegdragonfly Austroaeschna tasmanica ♂ Heazlewood170222-1585.jpg i22-Feb-2017 12:10 148 KB 1024×768
image/jpegdragonfly Austroaeschna tasmanica ♂ Heazlewood170222-1603.jpg i22-Feb-2017 12:14 315 KB 1280×1040
image/jpegdragonfly Synthemiopsis gomphomacromioides ♂ SavageRiver170222-1716.jpg i22-Feb-2017 15:03 132 KB 1440×1024
image/jpegdragonfly Synthemiopsis gomphomacromioides ♂ SavageRiver170222-1736.jpg i22-Feb-2017 15:10 326 KB 1440×1120
image/jpegdragonfly Synthemiopsis gomphomacromioides ♂ SavageRiver170222-1740.jpg i22-Feb-2017 15:11 311 KB 1600×1200
image/jpegdragonfly Synthemiopsis gomphomacromioides ♂ SavageRiver170222-1764.jpg i22-Feb-2017 15:48 120 KB 1024×768
image/jpegdragonfly Synthemiopsis gomphomacromioides ♂ SavageRiver170222-1785.jpg i22-Feb-2017 16:04 246 KB 1120×880
image/jpegdragonfly Synthemiopsis gomphomacromioides ♂ SavageRiver170222-1802.jpg i22-Feb-2017 17:13 158 KB 1200×880
image/jpegdragonfly Synthemis tasmanica ♂ SavageRiver170222-1657.jpg i22-Feb-2017 14:05 494 KB 2160×1600
image/jpegfly Pelecorhynchus eristaloides ♀ SavageRiver170222-1791.jpg i22-Feb-2017 17:09 185 KB 1024×768
image/jpegfly Pelecorhynchus olivei ♂ SavageRiver170222-1636.jpg i22-Feb-2017 13:18  82.7 KB 1024×768
image/jpegfly Scaptia auriflua Hellyer170222-1528.jpg i22-Feb-2017 06:27 104 KB 960×720
image/jpegfly Tapeigaster annulipes Corinna170222-1824.jpg i22-Feb-2017 19:36  92.4 KB 1024×768
image/jpegfungus Corinna170222-1826.jpg i22-Feb-2017 19:41 143 KB 1040×768
image/jpegfungus Russula purpureoflava Hellyer170222-1537.jpg i22-Feb-2017 09:34 175 KB 1024×768
image/jpegfungus Russula purpureoflava Hellyer170222-1540.jpg i22-Feb-2017 09:38 153 KB 1120×880
image/jpegfungus Torrendiella sp Hellyer170222-1531.jpg i22-Feb-2017 06:37 326 KB 1536×800
image/jpegfungus Urnula campylospora Corinna170222-1819.jpg i22-Feb-2017 19:28 137 KB 880×640
image/jpegorchid Eriochilus cucullatus SavageRiver170222-1743.jpg i22-Feb-2017 15:28  50.7 KB 960×800
image/jpegslime-mould Arcyria sp Corinna170222-1836.jpg i22-Feb-2017 20:07 241 KB 1024×768

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