Mount Worth Fungi

29 May 2016

I woke up ridiculously early and made the rendezvous point in Mt Worth State Park more than 2 hours before time so had plenty of time to explore before the rest of the Field Naturalists Club of Victoria arrived for the official fungi foray. To avoid possibly going over the same area twice I walked 1km down a track before seriously starting to look for things.

The first good fungus I found was Podoserpula pusio, commonly called the pagoda fungus because of the unusual tiers it forms. This is encountered often enough but I particularly liked this scene with the more mature specimens at the front and the huge row of little ones in the background of the hollow underneath a large Eucalyptus root. I was fighting trying to get the exposure, sharpness and depth of field all good for this situation but fell just short as the photo doesn't look as good as they did in real life.

Next sighting was the largest colony I have seen of the not often encountered Physalacria australiensis growing along the shady side of a Pomaderris aspera (hazel pomaderris) trunk overhanging Moonlight Creek. These appear like tiny white capsicum shaped baloons hanging from a short stipe. Once again it was an effort to try and get the exposure and depth of field as good as possible on these circa 5mm high fungi. Later we also saw the colony closer to the car park, which were also in good condition.

Leucogloea compressa grows along the upper surface of logs and looks like a drop of yoghurt covered with a thin layer of clear, viscous jelly. Although they look like they could easily be squashed, they are unexpectedly firm to touch. I first noticed this fungus species two years ago on a previous fungi foray where it was identified for me. I saw these early in the morning but also later in the day when I returned to find them on the same log as in 2014.

Back at the car park the mob had finally turned up but I still had a few minutes to spare to check along the creek gully for anything interesting. There wasn't much about but on the dead stems of some Senecio I found two strange things. One appears a bit like uninflated Physalacria and the other one a cross between a Multiclavula fungus and a slime-mould.

It was surprising to see so many Mycena roseoflava. I only saw them for the first time last year but this year I've found them in Sherbrooke Forest again (about 1km from where I saw them last year) and at Lake Elizabeth in the Otways. There was also a colony here at Mt Worth (near the Physalacria australiensis colony) and others were found along other tracks too. Late in the day I found some near Trevorrows Mill site and measured the cap of the largest at 9.5mm across.

image/jpegfungus Ascocoryne sarcoides MtWorth160529-5699.jpg i29-May-2016 09:45 122 KB 800×560
image/jpegfungus Campanella olivaceonigra MtWorth160529-5853.jpg i29-May-2016 15:10  40.4 KB 800×600
image/jpegfungus Campanella olivaceonigra MtWorth160529-5865.jpg i29-May-2016 15:15  64.5 KB 880×720
image/jpegfungus Geastrum triplex MtWorth160529-5890.jpg i29-May-2016 15:44 113 KB 800×640
image/jpegfungus Henningsomyces sp MtWorth160529-5910.jpg i29-May-2016 16:06  93.6 KB 880×640
image/jpegfungus Henningsomyces sp MtWorth160529-5916.jpg i29-May-2016 16:08  92.8 KB 880×640
image/jpegfungus Leucogloea compressa MtWorth160529-5697.jpg i29-May-2016 09:42  44.4 KB 800×560
image/jpegfungus Leucogloea compressa MtWorth160529-5698.jpg i29-May-2016 09:43 105 KB 880×560
image/jpegfungus Leucogloea compressa MtWorth160529-5920.jpg i29-May-2016 16:18 128 KB 960×640
image/jpegfungus Leucogloea compressa MtWorth160529-5923.jpg i29-May-2016 16:19  41.4 KB 800×600
image/jpegfungus MtWorth160529-5710.jpg i29-May-2016 10:20  42.4 KB 800×600
image/jpegfungus Mycena austrororida MtWorth160529-5767.jpg i29-May-2016 12:32 106 KB 1024×768
image/jpegfungus Mycena austrororida MtWorth160529-5826hq.jpg i29-May-2016 14:28 359 KB 1920×1080
image/jpegfungus Mycena interrupta MtWorth160529-5631.jpg i29-May-2016 08:33 144 KB 1024×768
image/jpegfungus Mycena lazulina MtWorth160529-5719.jpg i29-May-2016 10:44 106 KB 960×768
image/jpegfungus Mycena nargan MtWorth160529-5777.jpg i29-May-2016 12:35  76.8 KB 960×720
image/jpegfungus Mycena roseoflava MtWorth160529-5801.jpg i29-May-2016 13:22  46.6 KB 800×600
image/jpegfungus Mycena roseoflava MtWorth160529-5809.jpg i29-May-2016 13:52  78.6 KB 880×640
image/jpegfungus Mycena roseoflava MtWorth160529-5887.jpg i29-May-2016 15:34  72.9 KB 1200×720
image/jpegfungus Mycena sp 'marasmioides' MtWorth160529-5899.jpg i29-May-2016 15:56  92.1 KB 800×1280
image/jpegfungus Physalacria australiensis MtWorth160529-5645.jpg i29-May-2016 08:53 128 KB 1024×512
image/jpegfungus Physalacria australiensis MtWorth160529-5650.jpg i29-May-2016 08:55 177 KB 960×720
image/jpegfungus Physalacria australiensis MtWorth160529-5654.jpg i29-May-2016 08:56 197 KB 1024×768
image/jpegfungus Physalacria australiensis MtWorth160529-5663.jpg i29-May-2016 09:00  99.8 KB 1024×768
image/jpegfungus Physalacria australiensis MtWorth160529-5669.jpg i29-May-2016 09:02 180 KB 1024×768
image/jpegfungus Physalacria australiensis MtWorth160529-5673.jpg i29-May-2016 09:04  87.2 KB 800×720
image/jpegfungus Physalacria australiensis MtWorth160529-5790.jpg i29-May-2016 13:16 106 KB 960×720
image/jpegfungus Podoserpula pusio MtWorth160529-5623.jpg i29-May-2016 08:08 138 KB 960×640
image/jpegfungus Schizophyllum commune MtWorth160529-5852.jpg i29-May-2016 15:08  84.3 KB 1024×640
image/jpegfungus Torrendiella eucalypti MtWorth160529-5894.jpg i29-May-2016 15:48  46.6 KB 800×560
image/jpegfungus Tremella sp MtWorth160529-5874.jpg i29-May-2016 15:23 138 KB 800×600
image/jpegfungus Xylaria sp MtWorth160529-5842.jpg i29-May-2016 14:55  66.9 KB 880×720
image/jpegfungus Xylaria sp MtWorth160529-5892.jpg i29-May-2016 15:46  72.2 KB 560×800
image/jpegslime-mould Hemitrichia serpula MtWorth160529-5758.jpg i29-May-2016 12:17  44.7 KB 960×720
image/jpegsnail Helicarion nigra MtWorth160529-5746.jpg i29-May-2016 12:04  79.7 KB 1024×640
image/jpegspider MtWorth160529-5756.jpg i29-May-2016 12:13  83.4 KB 800×600
image/jpegunknown MtWorth160529-5716.jpg i29-May-2016 10:37  42.8 KB 800×600

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