Mallee Day 1

30 January 2016

Today I was en route to the Murray River targetting a few days from Mildura into South Australia. I made a few stops along the way, including at the pools of the Avoca River at Charlton. Here I watched the large, slender mud dauber wasp.

A Bit later I stopped at Tchum Lake South, near Birchip. This lake is artificially filled for human water activities but I saw much insect activity around it. This included the inland hunter dragonfly, Austrogomphus australis, which I had only encountered a couple of times previously (along the Ovens River near Wangaratta). Thanks to Brett Smith for identifying the sand wasp, which was a little larger than a common honeybee but unlike any other I had seen before (or so I thought). After having the Bembix genus pointed out to me it was obvious that it was a sand wasp, I had just never seen a yellow one before. He also identified the white weed flower too.

Also thanks to Martin Lagerwey for identifying the leaf beetle (who else) and Ken Walker for the blue banded bee.