Bunyip State Park

29 December 2015

Thanks to Bob Mesibov for identifying the millipede and for Liz O'Donnell with the harvestman. An interesting behaviour I observed was the mating native bees. The female was busy feeding on flowers when the male flew in and swiftly grasped the female. As is known for this genus, the male placed his hairy front legs over the eyes of the female during the entire process. The female continually tried to brush off the obstruction covering her eyes by rubbing her front legs down the eyes but this was in the same direction as the male's hair and she got no grip and therefore had no success. I have heard more complex theories, such as the light through the male's hair forms a particular pattern to subdue her, but it was obvious that the covering over they eyes provided an effective visual obstruction for her that she was trying to brush off in a fashion similar to preening. The entire interaction was timed from photographs starting at 12:10:24 to 12:15:40 (5:16 plus a few seconds before the first photograph and after the last).