South Gippsland

4 December 2015

At Adams Creek NCR I visited the swamp wetlands, which isn't actually that nice as its full of rotting vegetation. At home now I looks at the satellite view and saw there was what appears to be a dam that I missed not far from the car park down another track. I did also see a Bembix wasp at the wetlands (appearing to drink) but was not able to get close for decent photos.

The best place of the day however was Drumslemara Bushland Reserve in Middle Tarwin. This features what appears to be excellent remnant heath but the flowering Leptospermum continentale (Prickly Teatree) along the track were just swarming with insects, including many jewel beetles (if not many species thereof). I've always wanted to visit this in springtime for wildflowers, including orchids, but haven't got the timing right yet.

Later, at Bald Hills Wetland Reserve I saw my first Rodolia cardinalis ladybird beetle. It appeared like it may have been feeding on the casing of a hatching mealy bug tended by ants, which also occasionally inspected the ladybird but didn't bother it too much.

Thanks to Tamara Leitch for identifying the Dampiera, Brett Smith for the Histerid beetle, Graeme Cocks for the pintail, Ken Harris for a couple of plants and Martin Lagerwey for the leaf beetle and eggs.