Doongalla Forest Fungus

3 July 2015

Found this interesting lichenised fungus fruiting on the vertical side of a boulder. Lichens are a life-form made up of two organisms from different kingdoms (fungi and algae) growing together symbiotically. The bright yellow fruiting bodies of the common Lichenomphalia chromacea are often seen along tracks amongst algae in a similar way to these guys on the rock.

image/jpeglichen Baeomyces heteromorphus Doongalla150703-1277.jpg i03-Jul-2015 15:44 107 KB 800×560
image/jpeglichen Baeomyces heteromorphus Doongalla150703-1286.jpg i03-Jul-2015 15:47  75.9 KB 800×640
image/jpeglichen Baeomyces heteromorphus Doongalla150703-1288.jpg i03-Jul-2015 15:47  50 KB 640×512

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