Wanderslore Sanctuary

21 June 2015

It was a cold morning, almost too cold to be out early but I toughened up and ventured out. The first photo of the day was this Cortinarius rotundisporus cupping a pool of ice — the water it had collected with recent rain or dew had frozen overnight. This site in Wesburn generally has a good selection of fungi and, although not the best I'd ever seen, today was quite good. One species I have identified as Entoloma haastii currently doesn't have any records on ALA from mainland Australia, but it seems moderately common in Tasmania so it is likely to be found in Victoria too.

From about 10:30 onwards I spent time with the Fungi Group of the Vic Field Nat's in 'Wanderslore Sanctuary' in Launching Place, a plot owned by Trust For Nature. Despite not particularly much rain this month some areas were quite wet and we did see a lot of fungi.

First photo showcases how gruesome nature can appear with a parasitic fungus (possibly a Beauveria species) having consumed a mantid from the inside. We spent the morning session in the western part of the block and there were numerous other fungi about stealing all the colors of the rainbow, as you can see from the photos below.

After a late lunch we ventured to the eastern part, which was wetter. I was amazed how many of the bright yellow Hygrocybe chromolimonea there were — I had only previously seen a few isolated small colonies but here there may have been over 50 individuals in scattered colonies.

There were at least as many of the related green Hygrocybe graminicolor. They are known to be variable in color from this greeny-brown (that all of them featured here) to the bright green of when I saw them for the first time earlier this season (on another trip with the Field Nats). The largest cap that I measured was 51mm in diameter.