Mt Worth Fungus

10 May 2015

With a dubious weather forecast I was procrastinating but eventually decided to go on the trip to Mt Worth State Park with The Field Naturalists Club of Victoria. Before I left it looked like the rain would clear after an hour but it seemed to hang around so I didn't get my camera out too many times.

One species I have been keeping my eye out for over the past year is the undescribed species Mycena sp 'tiny blue lights'. This appears to be a relatively common species and I have seen it many times now. A talented member of the group will tackle formally describing it.

Another species we were looking out for was also an unnamed fungus, this time a Hydropus species that another talented member of the group will have a go at formally describing. We saw this species at Mt Worth last year but it had faded from my memory since. Here it seems to favour the rough, lower bark of living or fallen blackwood wattles trees Acacia melanoxylon. Seeing it again reminded me that I encountered it in the Otways recently too (April 4th at Melba Gully and April 6th at Grey River). Both times they were growing on rotten wood but I can't recall specifically the type.

After returning to the car park with some time on my hands I went along another track to look for things seen last year (we spent all day elsewhere this time). Most things were fizzers (and the pouring rain didn't help) but I did find Physalacria inflata again. Last year they were in a decayed condition and we couldn't be sure of what they were. Unfortunately by the time I returned to the car park most people had left but the person I showed seemed happy to see them and accurately described their shape as that of a capsicum, if a lot smaller at only around 5mm high. Physalacria inflata is quite rare so I'm privileged to have seen it on three other occasions this year.