East Gippsland

12 February 2015

I woke early in the night to find this tick attached to my hip. I sprayed it with some insect repellent containing DEET that I bought on a trip to north Queensland nearly 2 years ago and went back to sleep. Three hours later I woke again and it still seemed active so I decided to use brute force to remove it. It was a bit lethargic so the chemical may still have had limited potency but being in my car for 20 months has perhaps weakened it. This was probably an Australian paralysis tick Ixodes holocyclus &mdash- fortunately ticks take hours to burrow in. [I normally never use insect repellent but was forced to on the Atherton Tableland rainforests as I was attracting dozens of small ticks.]

Another day of "almost" weather — I did lots of walking but didn't find too much. By the afternoon I apprehensively reached Raymond Creek, in southern Snowy River National Park. This warm temperate rainforest was my favourite place but the area had been devastated by one of thee 50,000+ hectare bushfires we had in Victoria the previous summer. As expected, the beauty of the area had been destroyed; compare my previous photos) with those below. There also must have been a bit of rain in the area recently because the water was brown, this was no doubt exacerbated by the lack of ground cover now.