12 October 2014

Dawn was special this morning. Having camped down the road and passed Paddy Castle early in the morning. Wanting to visit but previously just driven by I decided on a quick u-turn — it was still too early for dragonflies anyway! This is a rocky hill on the middle of the Grampians and from the top you are just above the trees with a magnificent view of the Victoria Valley. I arrived just as the sun climbed over the Serra Range and lit up the mist-veiled vista. I also experienced a really unusual event, possibly one of those once-in-a-lifetime experiences, a rainbow from the other side. As seen in this photo, the reflection in the misty water particles created a halo around my shadow (the spike in the centre).

image/jpegant Myrmecia sp Grampians141012-2484.jpg i12-Oct-2014 14:19 116 KB 1024×768
image/jpegbee-fly Comptosia sp Grampians141012-2511.jpg i12-Oct-2014 15:40 127 KB 960×720
image/jpegbee-fly Comptosia sp Grampians141012-2517.jpg i12-Oct-2014 15:41 215 KB 1536×1120
image/jpegbee-fly Comptosia sp Grampians141012-2523.jpg i12-Oct-2014 15:45  98.8 KB 1024×768
image/jpegbee-fly Meomyia sp Grampians141012-2502.jpg i12-Oct-2014 15:34  42.9 KB 768×576
image/jpegbeetle Phyllotocus sp Grampians141012-2479.jpg i12-Oct-2014 12:22  36.3 KB 736×560
image/jpegcaterpillar (Geometridae) Grampians141012-2455.jpg i12-Oct-2014 07:31  18.4 KB 864×640
image/jpegcaterpillar (Geometridae) Grampians141012-2458.jpg i12-Oct-2014 07:33  24.5 KB 960×720
image/jpegdamselfly Austrolestes aridus ♂ Grampians141012-2557.jpg i12-Oct-2014 15:58  88.6 KB 1536×800
image/jpegEatsern Grey Kangaroo Grampians141012-2475.jpg i12-Oct-2014 08:28 113 KB 720×560
image/jpegscene dawn Paddy Castle Grampians141012-2420.jpg i12-Oct-2014 07:13 107 KB 1200×480
image/jpegscene dawn Paddy Castle Grampians141012-2429.jpg i12-Oct-2014 07:19  61.2 KB 720×480
image/jpegscene dawn Paddy Castle Grampians141012-2439.jpg i12-Oct-2014 07:21  61 KB 1200×480
image/jpegscene dawn Paddy Castle Grampians141012-2440.jpg i12-Oct-2014 07:22  70.1 KB 1200×480
image/jpegscene dawn Paddy Castle Grampians141012-2447.jpg i12-Oct-2014 07:24  25.3 KB 720×480
image/jpegscene swamp Grampians141012-2468.jpg i12-Oct-2014 07:53  51.8 KB 720×480

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