Dragonfly Study

23 February 2014

I first saw the Swamp Darner Austroaeschna parvistigma near Silvan Reservoir in 2006 but hardly saw them since. So this season I made a bit of an effort, visiting the area a couple of times after work but without success. It was however a case of third time lucky when on this day I decided to spend time there from mid morning and saw several of the target species.

A. parvistigma is quite similar in general appearance to A. multipunctata, which I encounter much more often. The main differences are that A. parvistigma has a yellow spot on the femur (near the knee), pale lower anterior frons (yellow across the bottom of the front of the "nose") and pale spots on the "cheeks". The differences can be seen in these diagnostic photos of A. multipunctata and A. parvistigma. A. multipunctata also prefers to breed in small, rocky creeks while A. parvistigma prefers larger, still wetlands (such as Silvan Reservoir presumably).