Boonoo Boonoo and Basket Swamp

23 January 2014

My last main site to visit on this trip was to be Basket Swamp National Park and Boonoo Boonoo State Forest in northern NSW but when I got there it was drizzling and mild and the weather forecast was for another two days of rain. I abondoned the area early and headed homeward, still yet to see a Petalura dragonfly.

image/jpegdragonfly Diplacodes bipunctata ♀ Boonoo140123-3308.jpg i23-Jan-2014 08:30  97.3 KB 800×640
image/jpegdragonfly Diplacodes bipunctata ♂ Boonoo140123-3329.jpg i23-Jan-2014 10:15  63.6 KB 880×720
image/jpegscene Basket Swamp creek Boonoo140123-3302.jpg i23-Jan-2014 08:26  92.4 KB 720×480
image/jpegscene Basket Swamp creek Boonoo140123-3312.jpg i23-Jan-2014 08:38  86.3 KB 720×480
image/jpegscene Basket Swamp creek Boonoo140123-3332.jpg i23-Jan-2014 10:26  83.9 KB 480×720
image/jpegscene Basket Swamp Falls Boonoo140123-3339.jpg i23-Jan-2014 10:49 102 KB 720×480

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