New Damselfly for Victoria

26 December 2013

Started the day in Long Swamp (Discovery Bay Coastal Park) but it was overcast and still quite cool so I decided to walk further along the track than I'd been to see if the swamp was accessible (it does look interesting on satellite imagery). Amazingly, the first time I went off the track and looked over the dunes the swamp was there at the base of the hill before me with little more than relatively sparse Coast Wattle Acacia longifolia in the way.

Since I had walking shoes on I had to wade into the swamp bare-foot, often damgerous because of the usual presence of large Tiger Leeches Richardsonianus australis. I was however fortunate that in this swamp I only encountered a few small individuals so wasn't overwhelmed.

The first interesting species I encountered were numerous red Austrothemis nigrescens. This is a rare species in Victoria and, although I have seen numerous individuals in other parts of Long Swamp on previous visits, I had never come across a vibrant red, mature male like I suddenly saw numerous of here.

Most interesting was that soon after nearing a more opean area of the swamp (with deeper water) I encountered my first of several Austroagrion cyane. Primarily a species known from southern Western Australia, these had never previously been recorded in Victoria. They had long been suspected of being somewhere in the west of the state, with several records from South Australia over the years and I had seen them at Piccaninnie Ponds (my only previous encounter) three years earlier. And I didn't just see one, there were quite a few about and this would appear to be there local stronghold.

image/jpegbeetle ladybird Coccinella undecimpunctata DiscoveryBay131226-9253.jpg i26-Dec-2013 09:54  27.5 KB 720×560
image/jpegbee Lasioglossum olgae on Olearia sp DiscoveryBay131226-9339.jpg i26-Dec-2013 11:59  47.8 KB 800×600
image/jpegbee Lasioglossum olgae on Olearia sp DiscoveryBay131226-9341.jpg i26-Dec-2013 11:59  41.8 KB 800×600
image/jpegcricket Requena victoriae DiscoveryBay131226-9246.jpg i26-Dec-2013 09:49  88.1 KB 880×640
image/jpegcricket Requena victoriae DiscoveryBay131226-9248.jpg i26-Dec-2013 09:49  72.7 KB 720×960
image/jpegdamselfly Austroagrion cyane ♂ DiscoveryBay131226-9210.jpg i26-Dec-2013 08:51  58.9 KB 1024×880
image/jpegdamselfly Austroagrion cyane ♂ DiscoveryBay131226-9215.jpg i26-Dec-2013 09:11  65.7 KB 1024×880
image/jpegdamselfly Austroagrion cyane ♂ DiscoveryBay131226-9221.jpg i26-Dec-2013 09:14  83.4 KB 1280×880
image/jpegdragonfly Austrothemis nigrescens ♀ DiscoveryBay131226-9261.jpg i26-Dec-2013 10:19  94.6 KB 1024×768
image/jpegdragonfly Austrothemis nigrescens ♀ DiscoveryBay131226-9277.jpg i26-Dec-2013 10:38  65.6 KB 960×720
image/jpegdragonfly Austrothemis nigrescens ♀ DiscoveryBay131226-9308.jpg i26-Dec-2013 11:18  63.4 KB 960×720
image/jpegdragonfly Austrothemis nigrescens ♂ DiscoveryBay131226-9182.jpg i26-Dec-2013 08:25  76.5 KB 960×720
image/jpegdragonfly Austrothemis nigrescens ♂ DiscoveryBay131226-9299.jpg i26-Dec-2013 11:11  91.1 KB 1280×800
image/jpegdragonfly Austrothemis nigrescens ♂ DiscoveryBay131226-9302.jpg i26-Dec-2013 11:11  66 KB 1024×720
image/jpegdragonfly Austrothemis nigrescens ♂ ♀ DiscoveryBay131226-9295.jpg i26-Dec-2013 11:02 128 KB 960×768
image/jpegdragonfly Hemianax papuensis ♀ DiscoveryBay131226-9195.jpg i26-Dec-2013 08:38 135 KB 1024×720
image/jpegdragonfly Procordulia jacksoniensis ♀ DiscoveryBay131226-9270.jpg i26-Dec-2013 10:31 149 KB 1280×960
image/jpegorchid Caladenia congesta Glenelg131226-9428.jpg i26-Dec-2013 18:37  79 KB 1024×832
image/jpegorchid Caladenia congesta Glenelg131226-9431.jpg i26-Dec-2013 18:38  60.9 KB 960×800
image/jpegscene dunes DiscoveryBay131226-9171.jpg i26-Dec-2013 08:09  67.8 KB 720×480
image/jpegweed Arctotheca populifolia DiscoveryBay131226-9346.jpg i26-Dec-2013 12:15 117 KB 800×600
image/jpegweed Arctotheca populifolia DiscoveryBay131226-9347.jpg i26-Dec-2013 12:16 117 KB 800×600

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