Wingan River

18 December 2013

Spent the morning exploring forest around Wingan River. I wasn't very successful as one site I wanted to visit was 1.2km from the track and it took me half an hour to battle through thick scrub to make 200m so that attempt was abandoned. Forgot to take GPS co-ordinates of another site so went through slightly easy scrub for another km only to realize I had gone due north rather than north-west and so I just ended up at a poor-quality billabong.

While wading around the river in the late morning I accidentally picked up a hitch-hiker. It was a dragonfly larva that looked like it might nearly be hatching and I must have accidentally brushed past the vegetation it was about to emerge from. I placed it on a log at water level so that it could go either way if it wanted to but the only way was up, as it crawled a little out of the water and I watched it hatch. It took about an hour overall before it flew up into the vegetation. See photos 1, 1 and 1.
At this site I also saw a couple of Mountain Shutwing dragonflies, a species not confirmed for Victoria until quite recently.

After dusk that evening I stumbled across two Austrophlebia costalis larvae emerging from the water, presumably to hatch. Until last year this was also a species that was not certain for Victoria so I made sure the lizards that were still active did not find these.

image/jpegbutterfly Candalides hyacinthina Wingan131218-8178.jpg i18-Dec-2013 07:53  56.3 KB 880×640
image/jpegdamselfly Austrolestes cingulatus ♀ Wingan131218-8304.jpg i18-Dec-2013 13:35 117 KB 1280×960
image/jpegdamselfly Diphlebia lestoides ♂ Wingan131218-8324.jpg i18-Dec-2013 15:56 142 KB 656×576
image/jpegdamselfly Diphlebia lestoides ♂ Wingan131218-8332.jpg i18-Dec-2013 15:58 184 KB 1280×960
image/jpegdragonfly Austrogomphus ochraceus ♀ Wingan131218-8240.jpg i18-Dec-2013 11:59  94.4 KB 880×640
image/jpegdragonfly Austrogomphus ochraceus ♀ Wingan131218-8250.jpg i18-Dec-2013 12:11  91.8 KB 960×688
image/jpegdragonfly Austrogomphus ochraceus ♀ Wingan131218-8280.jpg i18-Dec-2013 13:24 105 KB 960×720
image/jpegdragonfly Austrophlebia costalis Wingan131218-8385.jpg i18-Dec-2013 21:08 153 KB 720×608
image/jpegdragonfly Austrophlebia costalis Wingan131218-8387.jpg i18-Dec-2013 21:09 196 KB 720×768
image/jpegdragonfly Cordulephya montana ♂ Wingan131218-8235.jpg i18-Dec-2013 11:56 146 KB 1024×640
image/jpegdragonfly Eusynthemis brevistyla ♂ Wingan131218-8267.jpg i18-Dec-2013 12:54 103 KB 1024×720
image/jpegflower Howittia trilocularis Wingan131218-8207.jpg i18-Dec-2013 09:49  46.8 KB 800×640
image/jpegflower Howittia trilocularis Wingan131218-8208.jpg i18-Dec-2013 09:50  39.2 KB 768×576
image/jpegflower Howittia trilocularis Wingan131218-8210.jpg i18-Dec-2013 09:50  57.5 KB 960×720
image/jpegfrog Litoria lesueuri Wingan131218-8394.jpg i18-Dec-2013 21:28 165 KB 960×720
image/jpegfrog Litoria lesueuri Wingan131218-8395.jpg i18-Dec-2013 21:29  61.2 KB 720×512
image/jpegfrog Litoria nudidigita Wingan131218-8422.jpg i18-Dec-2013 22:01  66 KB 800×608
image/jpegfrog Litoria nudidigita Wingan131218-8429.jpg i18-Dec-2013 22:29  57.3 KB 1024×768
image/jpegfrog Litoria nudidigita Wingan131218-8440.jpg i18-Dec-2013 22:37  63 KB 720×560
image/jpegfrog Litoria peroni ♂ Wingan131218-8410.jpg i18-Dec-2013 21:53  73.1 KB 800×560
image/jpegfrog Litoria peroni ♂ Wingan131218-8414.jpg i18-Dec-2013 21:54 121 KB 1024×800
image/jpegfrog Litoria sp Wingan131218-8406.jpg i18-Dec-2013 21:49  83.4 KB 1024×768
image/jpegworm (Nematomorpha) Wingan131218-8356.jpg i18-Dec-2013 17:25 183 KB 1120×720

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