Bendigo Orchids

31 August 2013

For the last official day of winter the weather put on for us was most pleasant for the photographing of orchids. The first one I saw with the group was a never-before-seen Dwarf Greenhood with three flowers. Normally this species only produces one flower per plant but twin flowering has occasionally been recorded.

There was also a great display of Daddy Long-legs spider-orchids. They were mostly scattered individuals with a few smaller groups but after lunch we encountered an amazing display and variety of about 50 or 60 plants within five metres of each other. I think they were mostly Caladenia capillata, so have named them here as such, but there was some discussion about the possibility of and differences with Caladenia filamentosa, which are unclear. They are a great looking orchid regardless of such identification uncertainty but one you can only photograph well in the absence of a breeze.

Grevillea alpina is a common and widespread shrub found in a great variety of habitats. Flowers colors are known to vary but at this site north of Bendigo there were three different variations within sight of each other.

Late in the day I observed my first dragonflies for the season. Although a common and widespread species, I was still happy to photograph the Diplacodes bipunctata (Wandering Percher) that I was also to see many more of over the following days. This is usually the first odonate I encounter in spring (during my orchid expeditions).

Due to the relative warmth and rain the previous night the frog activity in the evening was also bustling. Frog calls are usually more valuable when trying to identify them, as the male's announcements are unique between species (although some are similar to our ears). At my last stop I heard numerous individuals but initially struggled to see them. That was until I learned their trick of calling by the entrance to their burrows and scurrying down into invisibility when I got near. The medium sized Limnodynastes tasmaniensis (Spotted Marsh Frogs) also seem most shy and hid from me more readily. The larger Limnodynastes dumerilii (Eastern Banjo Frog or Pobblebonk) seems more confident of itself and tends to stay put once seen.

image/jpegbee Leioproctus clarki Bendigo130831-8824.jpg i31-Aug-2013 15:05  54.5 KB 768×560
image/jpegbee Leioproctus clarki Bendigo130831-8825.jpg i31-Aug-2013 15:05  64.8 KB 800×608
image/jpegdragonfly Diplacodes bipunctata Whipstick130831-8856.jpg i31-Aug-2013 16:46  66.5 KB 720×560
image/jpegflower Bendigo130831-8833.jpg i31-Aug-2013 15:28  43.3 KB 800×768
image/jpegflower Grevillea alpina Bendigo130831-8807.jpg i31-Aug-2013 14:40  59 KB 768×576
image/jpegflower Grevillea alpina Bendigo130831-8810.jpg i31-Aug-2013 14:43  45.3 KB 816×640
image/jpegflower Grevillea alpina Bendigo130831-8821.jpg i31-Aug-2013 15:01  48.1 KB 880×640
image/jpegflower Rushworth130831-8667.jpg i31-Aug-2013 08:17  70.1 KB 1024×640
audio/x-mpgfrog chorus Tarnagulla130831.mp3 06-Sep-2013 20:23 165 KB
image/jpegfrog Crinia parinsignifera Tarnagulla130831-8881.jpg i31-Aug-2013 18:58  96.7 KB 768×512
image/jpegfrog Crinia parinsignifera Tottington130831-8913.jpg i31-Aug-2013 22:07 143 KB 880×640
image/jpegfrog Crinia parinsignifera Tottington130831-8919.jpg i31-Aug-2013 22:26  69 KB 800×576
image/jpegfrog Crinia signifera Tottington130831-8902.jpg i31-Aug-2013 21:50 132 KB 880×640
image/jpegfrog Limnodynastes dumerilii Tarnagulla130831-8890.jpg i31-Aug-2013 19:43  80.8 KB 720×512
image/jpegfrog Limnodynastes tasmaniensis Tottington130831-8897.jpg i31-Aug-2013 21:48 157 KB 1024×720
image/jpegfrog Limnodynastes tasmaniensis Tottington130831-8918.jpg i31-Aug-2013 22:13  91.2 KB 800×608
image/jpegorchid Caladenia caerulea Bendigo130831-8774.jpg i31-Aug-2013 13:19  38.9 KB 848×624
image/jpegorchid Caladenia caerulea Rushworth130831-8629.jpg i31-Aug-2013 07:14  65.5 KB 800×720
image/jpegorchid Caladenia caerulea Whipstick130831-8859.jpg i31-Aug-2013 16:51  55.8 KB 560×768
image/jpegorchid Caladenia capillata Bendigo130831-8704.jpg i31-Aug-2013 10:53  52.4 KB 784×640
image/jpegorchid Caladenia capillata Bendigo130831-8736.jpg i31-Aug-2013 11:44  85 KB 800×1280
image/jpegorchid Caladenia capillata Bendigo130831-8745.jpg i31-Aug-2013 12:14  65 KB 800×1280
image/jpegorchid Caladenia capillata Bendigo130831-8775.jpg i31-Aug-2013 13:30  77.2 KB 960×1280
image/jpegorchid Caladenia capillata Bendigo130831-8788.jpg i31-Aug-2013 13:39  50.4 KB 960×720
image/jpegorchid Caladenia capillata Bendigo130831-8791.jpg i31-Aug-2013 13:45  69.4 KB 1024×880
image/jpegorchid Caladenia fuscata Rushworth130831-8676.jpg i31-Aug-2013 08:36  48.6 KB 1024×768
image/jpegorchid Diuris pardina Bendigo130831-8803.jpg i31-Aug-2013 14:21  56.9 KB 880×800
image/jpegorchid Glossodia major Rushworth130831-8669.jpg i31-Aug-2013 08:21  49.1 KB 800×800
image/jpegorchid Pterostylis cycnocephala Bendigo130831-8804.jpg i31-Aug-2013 14:29  45.5 KB 800×848
image/jpegorchid Pterostylis mutica Bendigo130831-8710.jpg i31-Aug-2013 11:00  42.7 KB 768×1024
image/jpegorchid Pterostylis mutica Bendigo130831-8738.jpg i31-Aug-2013 11:50  59.8 KB 624×768
image/jpegorchid Pterostylis nana (triple) Bendigo130831-8684.jpg i31-Aug-2013 10:40  65.2 KB 640×880
image/jpegorchid Pterostylis nana (triple) Bendigo130831-8696.jpg i31-Aug-2013 10:45  59.7 KB 720×1024
image/jpegorchid Pterostylis nana Rushworth130831-8648.jpg i31-Aug-2013 07:58  30.6 KB 800×560
image/jpegorchid Pterostylis robusta Bendigo130831-8742.jpg i31-Aug-2013 12:04 120 KB 960×1280
image/jpegorchid Pterostylis robusta Bendigo130831-8756.jpg i31-Aug-2013 12:48 137 KB 960×560
image/jpegorchid Pterostylis robusta Bendigo130831-8761.jpg i31-Aug-2013 12:51  45.8 KB 960×608
image/jpegwattle Acacia williamsonii Bendigo130831-8831.jpg i31-Aug-2013 15:24  66.6 KB 560×720

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