Tully Gorge - Queensland Day 9

31 March 2013

A couple of days prior I had a good time at Tully Falls but wasn't prepared for being out in the sun so still being in the area I prepared myself and went for the 1km walk to the top of the gorge again. I also spent some time just relaxing in the shade by the creek. All this was good as I again saw many dragonflies, about 20 species all up including 4 new ones.

Most of the new ones I saw only individuals and got limited photos, for example, for the Lestoidea I only got some lateral photos and the appendages are not clear enough to separate it out from three possible species. I got some good photos of a Shutwing on this visit however, two days earlier I only saw one flying up a tree. I did get a reasonable photo of Diplacodes trivialis but am not including it here as I saw many of this species later.
  1. Argiocnemis rubescens
  2. Austroargiolestes aureus(new)
  3. Cordulephya bidens (first photo)
  4. Diphlebia euphoeoides
  5. Diplacodes bipunctata
  6. Diplacodes haematodes
  7. Diplacodes trivialis (new)
  8. Eusynthemis nigra (new)
  9. Griseargeolestes metallicus (new)
  10. ?Hemicordulia australiae
  11. ?Hemicordulia continentalis (new, in-flight only)
  12. Lestoidea ?sp (new)
  13. Nannodiplax rubra
  14. Nososticta solida
  15. Nososticta solitaria
  16. Orthetrum caledonicum
  17. Orthetrum villosovittatum
  18. Pantala flavescens
  19. Pseudagrion ignifer
  20. Pseudagrion microcephalum

No frogs this time but I did photograph an Cryptophis nigrescens (Small-eyed snake) on the road.