Cobboboonee National Park

1 March 2013

Visited this forest for dragonflies, primarily seeking diagnostic photos of the darner I had observed previously. It seems that the target is Austroaeschna multipunctata, a fairly common and widespread dragonfly in forest in south-east Australia, and not A. ingrid, which at this stage seems entirely restricted to the Grampians.

Finally getting used to my new camera, especially using the flash for macro, and am pretty happy with it overall (you'd hope so given its price). Image quality is excellent and its packed with more features than you can poke a stick at. The only features its missing are the ability to shoot without the mirror and a silent shutter (I believe Sony is working on both of these but don't expect anything to appear for a couple of years). The only feature I would like improved is the number and spread of auto-focus points (very centrally located) and startup time is slow (about a second before I can take a photo).