Tambo River Stops

3 December 2012
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Spent the day meandering down along the Tambo River, mainly looking for odonata as I do. Highlight was probably seeing Spinaeschna tripunctata, an uncommon species.

Late In the day, on my way home, I remembered I wanted to check out a swamp near Bruthen. Glad I did as I saw more uncommon species including Nannophya dalei and Coenagrion lyelli. About two years ago, early on with my new camera and macro lens, I tried to get a close-up of a damselfly. At the time I was pretty happy with this photo but I tried again to get the best possible close-up I can manage with my equipment and came up with this photo of a male Coenagrion lyelli — what a difference 2-years' experience makes. Note that both photos were (as are most of my photos) taken freehand.