Sherbrooke Forest Fungus

13 June 2012

With pleasant weather I walked along the Sassafras Creek Reserve and through Sherbrooke Forest scouting out fungus again. It hasn't been a particularly good year for them but its still keeping me busy. I walked from my home in Monbulk to the edge of the forest in Belgrave and back again — about 18km — and I was starting to feel it in my legs towards the end of the day.

First one up for discussion is this one, which didn't appear to have gills or pores. It may be a young Podoserpula pusio. I had seen these a few years ago but the ones I saw today weren't stacked.

Next were these slender spikes rising out of the ground. I thought they might be a Cordyceps but not one I've seen before (nor what I can find in my reference books). I will have to return in a couple of days to see how they are going but they were on a track so hopefully they don't get trampled.

I was also happy to find a colony of Mucronella pendula in Sherbrooke Forest, having previously only seen them in Kurth Kiln Park. I'll also have to return to these to see if there's going to be more fruiting bodies like the pictures in the books.

I also saw a couple of slim-mould colonies. The first one had dark fruiting bodies with an unusual yellow collar. The second one was just the one color, as is more usual. Both these species had a fruiting body with a total length (including stalk) of about 5mm so, understandably, are difficult to photograph. Although these organisms exhibit similarities in their life cycle to fungi they are however classified in a different kingdom.

image/jpegfungus Coprinellus disseminatus SassafrasCreek120613-6919.jpg i13-Jun-2012 09:45  51 KB 720×512
image/jpegfungus Lanzia lanaripes SherbrookeForest120613-6976.jpg i13-Jun-2012 11:10  72.2 KB 848×688
image/jpegfungus Mucronella pendula SherbrookeForest120613-7017.jpg i13-Jun-2012 12:26 135 KB 960×560
image/jpegfungus Mycena albidocapillaris SassafrasCreek120613-6921.jpg i13-Jun-2012 09:50  26.2 KB 560×720
image/jpegfungus Neobarya agaricicola SherbrookeForest120613-7030.jpg i13-Jun-2012 13:15  58.6 KB 560×480
image/jpegfungus Podoserpula pusio SassafrasCreek120613-6936.jpg i13-Jun-2012 10:09  75.7 KB 768×608
image/jpegfungus Podoserpula pusio SassafrasCreek120613-6938.jpg i13-Jun-2012 10:10  81.6 KB 688×720
image/jpegfungus Pseudohydnum gelatinosum SassafrasCreek120613-6951.jpg i13-Jun-2012 10:47  94.5 KB 800×480
image/jpegfungus SherbrookeForest120613-6958.jpg i13-Jun-2012 10:58  47.9 KB 512×960
image/jpegfungus SherbrookeForest120613-6971.jpg i13-Jun-2012 11:04  53.3 KB 640×960
image/jpegfungus SherbrookeForest120613-7031.jpg i13-Jun-2012 13:21  42.7 KB 640×480
image/jpegfungus Vibrissea dura SherbrookeForest120613-7040.jpg i13-Jun-2012 13:27  63 KB 640×480
image/jpegfungus Xylaria sp SassafrasCreek120613-7074.jpg i13-Jun-2012 15:42  53.3 KB 768×640
image/jpegfungus Xylaria sp SassafrasCreek120613-7081.jpg i13-Jun-2012 16:08  57.5 KB 960×768
image/jpegfungus Xylaria sp SherbrookeForest120613-7057.jpg i13-Jun-2012 14:02  71.2 KB 640×640
image/jpegfungus Xylaria sp SherbrookeForest120613-7060.jpg i13-Jun-2012 14:03  58.9 KB 768×640
image/jpegslime-mould Elaeomyxa sp SherbrookeForest120613-6982.jpg i13-Jun-2012 11:47  46.8 KB 688×480
image/jpegslime-mould Elaeomyxa sp SherbrookeForest120613-6992.jpg i13-Jun-2012 11:54  26.6 KB 640×400
image/jpegslime-mould SherbrookeForest120613-7050.jpg i13-Jun-2012 13:31  48 KB 640×576

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