Queensland Trip - Day 9 - Lamington NP

26 April 2012
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I started off at Lamington National Park early in the morning — a little too early. My plan was to do the 14km West Canungra Creek Circuit but as it was a sunny day I had hoped to see dragonflies along the creek. But after descending to the creek I was there too early and the sun hadn't reached the gully yet so I poked around and waited.

I was glad I searched the Yarralahla area better as I stumbled upon a sluggish python, my first wild python. A little while later I also saw my first Flame Flatwing damselfly Austroargiolestes amabilis. These aren't particularly rare but are found in rainforest along the east coast of Australia where I don't go often. I also photographed another Forest Needle Synlestes selysi, but this time it was in the sun so I tried without flash as that just seemed to overemphasize the blue in their eyes.

In the afternoon, at one of the may creek crossings, I disturbed a typical damselfly. Looking at it a bit closer I realized it wasn't one of the common ones; my research leads me to it being a Springs Flatwing Griseargiolestes fontanus, another new species for me.