Queensland Trip - Day 6 - Bunya Mountains

23 April 2012
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I spent the day wandering around looking for the usual subjects, such as dragonflies, though they make it really difficult to photograph when they land on your nose!

Speaking of on-the-nose, I encountered several Phallus multicolor stinkhorns. By this stage I was able to sniff them out; walking along the track I would initially sense their odour and then checking the wind direction with 15 minutes I found 3 out of the 4 I hunted this way.

As I was hurrying back to the car I rushed past this snake, which was kind enough to hang around for another minute to allow me to try and take some photos. I say "tried" because nearly all my photos didn't focus on the head. Still, its the first time I've been able to photograph this species.

Walking back to the car in the dark I nearly stepped on this Black-breasted Buttonquail Turnix melanogaster. This species is uncommon, being listed as vulnerable in Queensland.