Queensland Trip - Day 5

22 April 2012
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Initially I had planned to return to Goodnight Scrub and then on to Bunya Mountains the next day but the forecast was cooling off so I made a dash for the mountains a day early.

First stop was however a park and river walk along the Burnett River in Mundubbera. It was a foggy morning but not too cool, which meant the flying insects were active enough to see take flight but they weren't too keen to do much of that. First highlight was a new dragonfly species for me: Yellow-spotted Emerald Hemicordulia intermedia. At first I didn't have my macro lens with me so I had to dash back to the car and then I was wondering why I was having trouble focussing until I realized the lens was fogging up! Fortunately the insect sat patiently for me.

Next highlight was a large, yellow butterfly resting with its wings open, even though its just a Common Lime Butterfly Papilio demoleus.

By lunchtime I made it to Bunya Mountains National Park and, although the temperature would have barely reached 20°C in the elevated rainforest, I still saw numerous dragonflies (of two species). One of these was new to me: the Forest Needle Synlestes selysi. The lower half of their eyes is pale blue but this is highlighted under flash photography. I also saw another dragonfly that's new to me but I only saw the one female and I was not able to get a good photo. Its probably either Eusynthemis aurolineata or E. rentziana.

One thing I noticed as I walked along the rainforest tracks was an unpleasant odur wafted my way occasionally. I thought this smell may have been caused by decaying Bunya cones or some other rotting vegetation until I encountered this fungus Phallus multicolor (related to Phallus indusiatus). This is one of those that exude an odour to attract blow-flies for pollination and as such is generally unpleasant to us humans. It has quite and interesting construction with a yellow-orange head (fully visible in this photo as the flies have removed most of the grey-brown spore slime) and a pale-colored, skeletal skirt.

image/jpegbutterfly Danaus plexippus Bunya120422-3355.jpg i22-Apr-2012 15:06  86 KB 832×672
image/jpegbutterfly Papilio demoleus Mundubbera120422-3206.jpg i22-Apr-2012 08:40  95.6 KB 960×688
image/jpegcaterpillar Danaus plexippus Bunya120422-3352.jpg i22-Apr-2012 15:05  53.4 KB 640×720
image/jpegdamselfly Pseudagrion aureofrons ♂ Mundubbera120422-3189.jpg i22-Apr-2012 08:31  48.2 KB 864×608
image/jpegdamselfy Synlestes selysi ♂ Bunya120422-3251.jpg i22-Apr-2012 13:29  49.3 KB 720×960
image/jpegdragonfly Austroaeschna sigma ♀ Bunya120422-3257.jpg i22-Apr-2012 13:30  91.4 KB 848×624
image/jpegdragonfly Austroaeschna sigma ♂ Bunya120422-3276.jpg i22-Apr-2012 13:42  28 KB 800×720
image/jpegdragonfly Diplacodes haematodes ♂ Burnett120422-3109.jpg i22-Apr-2012 06:21  67.6 KB 960×720
image/jpegdragonfly Eusynthemis sp ♀ Bunya120422-3241.jpg i22-Apr-2012 13:13  35.4 KB 560×352
image/jpegdragonfly Eusynthemis sp ♀ Bunya120422-3243.jpg i22-Apr-2012 13:13  31.6 KB 576×400
image/jpegdragonfly Hemicordulia intermedia ♀ Mundubbera120422-3169.jpg i22-Apr-2012 08:17  38.1 KB 880×640
image/jpegdragonfly Hemicordulia intermedia ♀ Mundubbera120422-3172.jpg i22-Apr-2012 08:18  79.8 KB 1024×736
image/jpegfungus Mycena sp Bunya120422-3333.jpg i22-Apr-2012 14:45  88.8 KB 720×576
image/jpegfungus Phallus multicolor Bunya120422-3317.jpg i22-Apr-2012 14:24 147 KB 1024×768
image/jpegriver walk Mundubbera120422-3136.jpg i22-Apr-2012 08:01  30.9 KB 640×480
image/jpegskipper Suniana sunias Mundubbera120422-3177.jpg i22-Apr-2012 08:22  57 KB 864×640
image/jpegspider Bunya120422-3396.jpg i22-Apr-2012 19:00 178 KB 960×704
image/jpegwasp Mundubbera120422-3180.jpg i22-Apr-2012 08:24  34.9 KB 768×640
image/jpegwaterfall Tim Shea Falls Bunya120422-3386.jpg i22-Apr-2012 17:02  93.7 KB 640×480

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