Queensland Trip - Day 2

19 April 2012
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Most of the day was spent travelling through southern Queensland with the goal of reaching Carnarvon Gorge by the evening. I made numerous stops along the way, mainly for dragonflies, but just saw common species. At Miles I did however record a new species for me, Australian Tiger Ictinogomphus australis. This is a fairly common species in the region but I was unable to get a good photo at the time (just good enough for identification — but I did get better photos a few days later). Once I neared the gorge (after dark) there were once again numerous frogs and, unfortunately, many Cane Toads on the road.

image/jpegbutterfly Eurema brigitta Injune120419-2577.jpg i19-Apr-2012 17:34  37.2 KB 800×640
image/jpegfrog Cyclorana alboguttata Carnarvon120419-2591.jpg i19-Apr-2012 19:37  74.2 KB 960×640
image/jpegfrog Cyclorana alboguttata Carnarvon120419-2594.jpg i19-Apr-2012 19:44  69.3 KB 960×576
image/jpegfrog Litoria rubella Carnarvon120419-2598.jpg i19-Apr-2012 20:02  72.7 KB 768×640
image/jpegfrog Litoria rubella Carnarvon120419-2601.jpg i19-Apr-2012 20:04  79.8 KB 800×640
image/jpegplantation cotton Moonie120419-2520.jpg i19-Apr-2012 11:12  75 KB 720×480
image/jpegplantation Moonie120419-2515.JPG i19-Apr-2012 11:10  74.7 KB 720×480
image/jpegtoad Bufo marinus Carnarvon120419-2584.jpg i19-Apr-2012 19:28  60.4 KB 768×720
image/jpegwaterlilies Numphea gigatea Miles120419-2539.jpg i19-Apr-2012 12:12  57.6 KB 640×480

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