Queensland Trip - Day 1

18 April 2012
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Although my primary purpose heading north was to hunt for dragonflies this first day proved a boon for reptiles and amphibians.

Firstly, at Sawn Rocks (Mt Kaputar National Park) I encountered a Burton's Legless Lizard Lialis burtonis on the track, my first legless lizard. At first, from a distance, I thought it was a snake but it looked very strange when I got close.

Once again I also saw several frogs on the roads as I was travelling in the evening. The first time (last year) I experienced this I was quite amazed, but it seems to be common in the sub-tropics. I got help identifying the frogs from the helpful people at frogs.org.au.

image/jpegdragonfly Diplacodes haematodes ♂ Glacial120418-2460.jpg i18-Apr-2012 16:58  70.9 KB 1024×720
image/jpegEumungerie Forest Dam 120418-2371.jpg i18-Apr-2012 08:24  55.6 KB 720×480
image/jpegfrog Limnodynastes salmini NorthStar120418-2482.jpg i18-Apr-2012 22:24  70.4 KB 768×560
image/jpegfrog Limnodynastes tasmaniensis NorthStar120418-2487.jpg i18-Apr-2012 22:34  66.7 KB 688×496
image/jpegfrog Litoria caerulea NorthStar120418-2480.jpg i18-Apr-2012 22:17  47.9 KB 640×480
image/jpegfrog Litoria latopalmata Eumungerie120418-2327.jpg i18-Apr-2012 07:29 107 KB 1024×640
image/jpegfrog Litoria latopalmata Eumungerie120418-2365.jpg i18-Apr-2012 08:07  65.2 KB 640×512
image/jpegfrog Litoria latopalmata NorthStar120418-2495.jpg i18-Apr-2012 22:47 106 KB 688×512
image/jpeglizard Lialis burtonis MtKaputar120418-2419.jpg i18-Apr-2012 14:20 169 KB 1024×368
image/jpeglizard Lialis burtonis MtKaputar120418-2428.jpg i18-Apr-2012 14:22  76.2 KB 768×384
image/jpegSawn Rocks MtKaputar120418-2401.jpg i18-Apr-2012 14:07 105 KB 720×480

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