Raymond Creek Day 2

6 April 2012

Primary objective achieved: today I was finally able to get close enough to some female Wide-face Darners Dendroaeschna conspersa. At first I was still only able to get close to an ovipositing one but later in the morning I saw a freshly emerged one perched in a tree. I've yet to see a stationary male of this dragonfly species.

I also had time (and enough charge in my battery) to look around for fungus. Highlight were these Orange Boletes, which were quite common in this patch of rainforest. At first (from a distance) I mistook it for the common Orange Bracket Fungus Pycnoporus coccieneus but when I got closer I realized it was a mushroom with pores (instead of gills). Like a few other mushrooms in the area I couldn't identify the species from my reference books or online.