Avon River to Snowy River

29 March 2012

The same dragonfly I had observed the previous evening was perched overnight and by the morning had developed pearls of dew: Unicorn Darner Austroaeschna unicornis.

By the evening I had made it to Raymond Creek campground in the Snowy River National Park. With a relatively new torch in hand I spent the hour after dark hunting for frogs in the rockpools of the creek, eventually getting success to the extent that I could even photograph them whilst the frog was croaking, which I was very happy about. I also took some short videos but they are of average quality but at least you can hear the sounds they make. http://youtu.be/_Y8546Xa1LQ

image/jpegant Avon120329-0306.jpg i29-Mar-2012 09:03 101 KB 768×736
image/jpegdragonfly Austroaeschna unicornis ♂ Avon120329-0272.jpg i29-Mar-2012 08:23  87.1 KB 800×720
image/jpegdragonfly Austroaeschna unicornis ♂ Avon120329-0330.jpg i29-Mar-2012 09:17 114 KB 768×640
image/jpegdragonfly Austroaeschna unicornis ♂ Avon120329-0426.jpg i29-Mar-2012 13:06  58.8 KB 928×720
image/jpegdragonfly Austroaeschna unicornis ♂ Avon120329-0452.jpg i29-Mar-2012 13:10  62.2 KB 800×640
image/jpegflower Avon120329-0252.jpg i29-Mar-2012 08:08  27.3 KB 800×592
image/jpegflower Avon120329-0260.jpg i29-Mar-2012 08:11  79.4 KB 800×640
image/jpegflower Avon120329-0263.jpg i29-Mar-2012 08:13  79.3 KB 800×720
image/jpegfrog Crinia signifera Snowy120329-0516.jpg i29-Mar-2012 19:59  78.1 KB 720×576
image/jpegorchid Chiloglottis reflexa Avon120329-0376.jpg i29-Mar-2012 10:34  53.9 KB 960×720
image/jpegRaymond Creek Snowy120329-0500.jpg i29-Mar-2012 19:25  44.3 KB 640×480
image/jpegspider Phonognatha graeffei Avon120329-0402.jpg i29-Mar-2012 11:39  43.2 KB 1024×640
image/jpegwaterfall Raymond Creek Snowy120329-0485.jpg i29-Mar-2012 19:07  47.7 KB 720×480

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