18 March 2012

Camped near the Otways overnight to start a short western Victoria coastal trip. I had planned to check out sites in Cobboboonee National Park for potential late–season dragonflies and was just going to spend the morning in the Otways.

I checked out Lake Elizabeth for fungus but found little but I did find some on the walk to Sabine Falls — a waterfall in a nice rainforest environment. On the return to the car park I spotted an Otway Black Snail Victaphanta compacta, a carnivorous land snail endemic to the wet forests of the Otway region.

Next stop was Hopetoun Falls. Although it was early afternoon it was overcast and quite cool in the gully so I was surprised to see some dragonflies patrolling the river. Unfortunately I wasn't able to get a photo for a proper ID but they seemed most likely a species I had seen at that site before — just surprised to see them active at this temperature. For some time while I was trying to photograph the dragonflies a Pink Robin Petroica rodinogaster kept me company, catching small insects in flight. On my return to the car I encountered an unusual insect that I was later able to partially identify thanks to an information sign at Melba Gully. Its a Stonefly (probably Eusthenia sp.) - it could even be a rare Otway Stonefly Eusthenia nothofagi but is very difficult to distinguish from E. venosa (maybe even impossible from a photograph) but the latter may not exist in the Otways.

image/jpegbird Petroica rodinogaster Otways110318-9585.jpg i18-Mar-2012 13:44  66.8 KB 640×480
image/jpegbird Petroica rodinogaster Otways110318-9599.jpg i18-Mar-2012 13:55  62.9 KB 720×512
image/jpegfungus Coprinellus sp Otways110318-9457.jpg i18-Mar-2012 10:17 118 KB 960×640
image/jpegfungus Otways110318-9469.jpg i18-Mar-2012 10:39  57.1 KB 640×544
image/jpegfungus Paecilomyces sp Otways110318-9496.jpg i18-Mar-2012 11:04  44 KB 688×576
image/jpegGlow-worms Otways110318-9503.jpg i18-Mar-2012 11:18  77.3 KB 640×480
image/jpegMadsen's Track Otways110318-9647.jpg i18-Mar-2012 15:49  79.2 KB 480×720
image/jpegscene 12 Apostles GreatOceanRd110318-9671.jpg i18-Mar-2012 17:30  36.2 KB 720×480
image/jpegsnail Victaphanta compacta Otways110318-9522.jpg i18-Mar-2012 11:29 102 KB 960×560
image/jpegstonefly Eusthenia nothofagi Otways110318-9641.jpg i18-Mar-2012 14:58  56.9 KB 880×640
image/jpegstonefly Eusthenia nothofagi Otways110318-9645.jpg i18-Mar-2012 15:01  83.7 KB 768×1024
image/jpegwaterfall Hopetoun Falls Otways110318-9543.jpg i18-Mar-2012 13:07  84.7 KB 480×720
image/jpegwaterfall Hopetoun Falls Otways110318-9559.jpg i18-Mar-2012 13:23  87.6 KB 720×480
image/jpegwaterfall Sabine Falls Otways110318-9483.jpg i18-Mar-2012 10:56  88.4 KB 480×688

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