Mitchell River - Wonnangatta River

26 January 2012

In the morning I stayed around Mitchell River for what I could find until I plodded off to the Wonnangatta River near Dargo. I visited here for the first time last year and found it to be a good spot for dragonflies and as soon as I arrived I couldn't even start my snack as I had to photograph this Unicorn Darner Austroeaschna unicornis ovipositing (depositing eggs). This species lay their eggs in decaying organic matter including logs, bark and dirt banks — usually close to the water surface and often they will dip their tail into the water for this task. This particular one was there long enough for me to be able to film it doing so; see video.

image/jpegdamselfly Diphlebia nymphoides ♀ MitchellRiver120116-4514.jpg i26-Jan-2012 10:28 149 KB 848×720
image/jpegdamselfly Diphlebia nymphoides ♀ MitchellRiver120116-4521.jpg i26-Jan-2012 11:09  43.3 KB 800×512
image/jpegdragonfly Austroaeschna pulchra ♂ MitchellRiver120116-4470.jpg i26-Jan-2012 08:50  79.9 KB 800×720
image/jpegdragonfly Austroaeschna pulchra ♂ MitchellRiver120116-4473.jpg i26-Jan-2012 08:51  58 KB 640×640
image/jpegdragonfly Austroeaschna unicornis ♀ Wonnangatta120126-4574.jpg i26-Jan-2012 17:28  53.8 KB 800×560
image/jpegdragonfly Austroeaschna unicornis ♀ Wonnangatta120126-4596.jpg i26-Jan-2012 17:39  81.2 KB 960×640
image/jpegdragonfly Austrogomphus ochraceus ♀ MitchellRiver120116-4549.jpg i26-Jan-2012 11:41  67.4 KB 1024×720
image/jpeglizard Physignathus lesueurii MitchellRiver120116-4501.jpg i26-Jan-2012 10:20  73.9 KB 800×640

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