Gippsland Day 3

16 January 2012

Went to the hard-to-get-to place in east Gippsland to try and photograph the Australian Pygmyfly Nannophya australis dragonfly — it was hard work but at least I got some passable photos. Interestingly, only saw males by the water, guess the females were off in the thick bush somewhere.

image/jpegdragonfly Nannophya australis ♂ Gippsland120116-3842.jpg i16-Jan-2012 10:02  67.9 KB 880×640
image/jpegdragonfly Nannophya australis ♂ Gippsland120116-3848.jpg i16-Jan-2012 10:14  52.6 KB 800×600
image/jpegdragonfly Nannophya australis ♂ Gippsland120116-3855.jpg i16-Jan-2012 10:16  34.8 KB 880×560
image/jpegorchid Cryptostylis hunteriana Gippsland120116-3936.jpg i16-Jan-2012 16:00  56.8 KB 672×800
image/jpegskipper Hesperilla picta Gippsland120116-3950.jpg i16-Jan-2012 16:50  46.7 KB 672×512

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