Dandenongs and Noojee

11 November 2011

Quick visits to a few locations were planned for the day but for orchids it was all but over. While taking pictures if the Simpliglottis/Chiloglottis jeanesii in Sherbrooke Forest by camera suddenly and completely died! In the afternoon I went to Toorongo Falls (near Noojee) to look for the Red-Spot dragonflies that hang around waterfalls but with only my old camera and the temperature not being hot enough I decided not to spend all afternoon at the falls.

Now I have to wait until my camera is repaired — it lasted 12 months and 3 weeks and came with a 12-month warranty. :(

image/jpegorchid Petalochilus vulgaris BalukWillam111111-0991.jpg i11-Nov-2011 11:10  34.6 KB 768×640
image/jpegorchid Petalochilus vulgaris BalukWillam111111-0997.jpg i11-Nov-2011 11:12  26.1 KB 688×560
image/jpegorchid Petalochilus vulgaris Noojee111111-6575.jpg i11-Nov-2011 15:20  29.1 KB 640×512
image/jpegorchid Simpliglottis jeanesii Sherbrooke111111-1003.jpg i11-Nov-2011 11:54  71.8 KB 960×720
image/jpegorchid Stegostyla congesta BalukWillam111111-0983.jpg i11-Nov-2011 10:42  42.6 KB 832×720

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