Orchids of the Dandenongs

6 November 2011

Started off in Baluk Willam and lucky to still see numerous sun-orchids in flower, including this one that I have called Thelymitra pauciflora, but I can't tell the difference between that and T. arenaria, T. pallidiflora or T. brevifolia (excluding minor color variations).

In the afternoon I went to Sherbrooke Forest for a study of the various bird-orchids. Here, within metres of each other, are many plants of Chiloglottis/Simpliglottis valida, Simpliglottis cornuta and fewer Simpliglottis jeanesii. Additionally there are variations that appear to be hybrids between at least one of the above pair but its all too confusing for me to be certain about.

image/jpegflower Dienella sp BalukWillam111106-0738.jpg i06-Nov-2011 12:25  36 KB 720×800
image/jpegflower Ranunculus plebeius Sherbrooke111106-0756.jpg i06-Nov-2011 13:31  24.6 KB 768×512
image/jpegorchid Caladenia vulgaris BalukWillam111106-0690.jpg i06-Nov-2011 07:27  19.6 KB 640×480
image/jpegorchid Plumatochilus tasmanicum BalukWillam111106-0702.jpg i06-Nov-2011 08:13  38.4 KB 640×720
image/jpegorchid Simpliglottis cornuta (double) Sherbrooke111106-0836.jpg i06-Nov-2011 15:03  32.1 KB 512×640
image/jpegorchid Simpliglottis cornuta Sherbrooke111106-0779.jpg i06-Nov-2011 14:10  45.8 KB 720×720
image/jpegorchid Simpliglottis cornuta Sherbrooke111106-0825.jpg i06-Nov-2011 14:51  50.1 KB 880×720
image/jpegorchid Simpliglottis jeanesii Sherbrooke111106-0804.jpg i06-Nov-2011 14:20  47.2 KB 800×624
image/jpegorchid Simpliglottis jeanesii Sherbrooke111106-0820.jpg i06-Nov-2011 14:28  56.2 KB 768×544
image/jpegorchid Simpliglottis sp Sherbrooke111106-0788.jpg i06-Nov-2011 14:13  46.8 KB 768×640
image/jpegorchid Simpliglottis sp Sherbrooke111106-0799.jpg i06-Nov-2011 14:17  46.8 KB 768×640
image/jpegorchid Simpliglottis valida BalukWillam111106-0733.jpg i06-Nov-2011 12:06  61.4 KB 784×672
image/jpegorchid Simpliglottis valida Sherbrooke111106-0754.jpg i06-Nov-2011 13:23 103 KB 1024×720
image/jpegorchid Simpliglottis valida Sherbrooke111106-0762.jpg i06-Nov-2011 13:42  55.6 KB 880×800
image/jpegorchid Thelymitra ixioides BalukWillam111106-0727.jpg i06-Nov-2011 09:37  45.2 KB 960×720
image/jpegorchid Thelymitra media BalukWillam111106-0710.jpg i06-Nov-2011 09:22  27.7 KB 512×672
image/jpegorchid Thelymitra media BalukWillam111106-0711.jpg i06-Nov-2011 09:23  32.1 KB 496×768
image/jpegorchid Thelymitra pauciflora BalukWillam111106-0729.jpg i06-Nov-2011 09:41  26.9 KB 640×720

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