North-West Victoria - Day 2

22 October 2011

Went hunting for desert rufas but spent over 2 hours driving just to get to the search area and then we didn't find any. This wasn't good as they wanted to collect three samples for describing a new species (currently known as Pterostylis sp aff xerophila/Oligochaetochilus sp aff xerophilus). That means the type locality will probably not be the Murray-Sunset National Park but Mallanbool, where about 4 or 5 plants were found, also well down on the roughly 30 plants recorded there previously.

Highlights were the numerous lizards sighted, including Striped Skinks, (I'm presuming Inland) Bearded Dragons, Shinglebacks and what I think was a Sand Monitor (my photo isn't good enough to post but might be good enough for an ID).